Pleurat Rexhepi

Get to know Pleurat Rexhepi PhD

pleurat rexhepi

Jointly with Marcela Allamani we founded BC Business Consultancy in 2018. We believe in shaping businesses more towards innovation and help them succeed in the market through creativity, market research, digital marketing and better management.

Our professional team always finds solution for complex problems and builds long-term partnership with domestic and international clients. As a marketing agency our core competences are: smart targeting, detailed research, colorful creativity, perfection on digital marketing, strong brand identity, professional video production and good presence in different marketing campaigns.

“The doctoral studies for Corporate Strategy at King’s College London has helped me to better understand corporate problems and find better solution for strategy implementation processes in various business environments. Whereas my long-term experience as lecturer for Innovation and Corporate Governance has enabled me to elaborate various business problems that companies have”

Our integrity, creativity and responsibility are the strongest points of our team. We believe that with these values and long-term experience of our team, BC Business Consultancy can change your company. Our professional team is your company asset. Let’s work together and shape the future of your company.”

Pleurat Rexhepi