The power of visual impact. Why do looks matter in your business?

Nice, catchy, colorful, and wonderful! Content for your social media may have different attributes but it almost always should… look good. Read the following article and learn more about simple marketing and advertising methods to attract new clients to your e-stores.

In today’s digital age we’re exposed to thousands of images a day. Our brains subconsciously filter what we do and don’t want to see. Therefore, when creating various types of advertising images we have to put emphasis not only on the quality of what we want to say but also on the visual images we’re using to get the attention of the readers.

Choosing the right colors

When creating ads on Facebook and Instagram, we have many opportunities to explore various colors for the buttons, backgrounds, and the images themselves. Make sure it relates to your product and service portfolio. Are you selling luxury goods? Use black. Are you a conservative real estate company? Go for blue. Similarly, you may consider red or pink for the promotion of the new line of lipsticks. Always make sure that the colors you choose represent your brand and are related to those in your logo and on your website.

Keeping the readers’ attention

Now that you have attracted your prospect it’s time to keep his/her interest with the right messages. Since that you’re competing with plenty of other advertisers, remember they must be as well thought about as the colors you’re choosing. Get creative, play with the words, and most importantly, have fun! Your advertising message should be short, to the point and above all, provide a benefit to the reader.

Calling to action

Before publishing your marketing material, there should always be a goal and an objective in mind. What are you trying to achieve with your advertising message? Would you like to drive traffic to your website, increase sales, get new followers, receive more conversions or get new reviews? Marketing has plenty of various objectives and skilled marketers with professional backgrounds will be able to give you the best advice on which direction you should go to depending on your business. 

Monitoring the results

Now that you’ve set up your campaign it’s time to see what results it has brought and whether it’s been performing the want you have expected. Shortly after it’s launched, every campaign should be optimized. During the phase of optimization, the system will adjust the settings in a way it will perform the best and bring maximum results in line with the objectives.


Now that you’re done with the optimization, let’s go through the nearly final part – Reporting. Both Facebook and Google have integrated reported functionalities, which allows advertisers to easily download the statistics and regularly provide the data to the clients.


Finally, every campaign has to be evaluated. At the end of the process, every marketer should look back to the initial goals and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. This step is important to do necessary adjustments and/or changes for the next campaigns and the creation of the marketing content.

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