Transforming Culture within Company

Meetings & Personal Development  

Transforming Culture within Company

With this training package we aim to target effective meetings, how they need to be managed better and how to run a good meeting within organization. Also we analyze the company culture with HR office and after we get some information about internal culture of the company we build the training package for Transforming Culture within Company.

The training package explains the theoretical analysis of different methods to: run a meeting, focuses on personal development of participants and creates a business model to transform culture within company. Many organizations have problems within meeting management techniques and this comes as result of poor personal development and lack of training. To overcome such obstacles, the training explains the importance of organization culture, how important is to create an open environment where people share their thoughts and ideas clearly and directly in different management level. It explains the importance of assertive meetings within organization and highlights the importance of assertive culture within company.

The training begins by explaining:

Day 1

  • Explaining the importance of Meetings
  • Types if Meetings
  • Styles in managing meetings
  • Assertive Culture
  • Tasks for staff members and managers
  • Create a plan for assertive meetings and culture within company

Day 2

  • Transforming culture within company
  • Why transforming Culture
  • Case Study for Corporate Culture
  • Involving People
  • Leadership Commitment
  • Model for Transforming Culture

Seminars and Tasks

  • Video Recording of Meeting and detail analysis of participants
  • Personal Development skills for leading a meetings and transforming culture
  • Each step of training is associated with short exercise to better interact with participants.
  • Team work exercise

Learning Outcome:

  • Enable the staff members to manage their meetings professionally
  • Motivate the staff members to be pro-active during the meetings
  • Explain the line of responsibilities within organization
  • Explain through role models how the meeting and personal communication should be done within company
  • Create a business model to transform the culture within company
  • Change the mentality of staff members towards:
    • active participation
    • direct communication
    • open culture
    • resolve different problems within company norms

Training 2 Days:

Day 1 (4 hrs in total): 2 hrs training / 2 hrs seminar exercise

Day 2 (4 hrs in total): 2 hrs training / 2 hrs seminar exercise

Participants:             10 – 50 participants

Venue:                       @Tirana Business Park or company premises

Language:                  English or Albanian

Bibliography of Trainer

Pleurat Rexhepi BA, MSc, PhD

Pleurat Rexhepi is founder and CEO of BC Business Consultancy and director at Metropolitan Incubator, Tirana Metropolitan University, which helps and assists different startups in Albania. He is educated in United Kingdom and has a PhD from Kings College London for Corporate Strategy and MSc from Cass Business School for Management and Audit. He has worked as full time lecturer for Innovation and Corporate Governance and has more than 15 years of experience in private businesses. He has translated course material for master’s students for Corporate Governance and Innovation and New Product Development.